Dialysis Escape Line Australia’s annual getaways are extremely popular with people on dialysis around Australia. DELA welcomes and encourages people on Peritoneal Dialysis to join a getaways. If you are interested in a trip you will first need to become a member of Dialysis Escape Line Australia, as members are on an exclusive mailing list for DELA getaways.

You can join online at our membership page or you can phone us and we can complete the membership application over the phone 08 8227 0181. Donations and money raised determines when the next getaway becomes available.

Thankyou for all your assistance in making this holiday a reality for us. Your kindness and caring is an inspiration to all of us


Thankyou for showing me that there is a life on dialysis and you can travel. My wife had a great learning experience talking to other partners and how they coped with partners on dialysis