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Nancy Douglas-Irving OAM


Nancy understands first-hand the impact of dialysis on a person’s life, with 15 years of experience on dialysis. This was predominantly haemodialysis but she also had some time on peritoneal dialysis. Nancy had a kidney transplant and has recently celebrated its 11th kidney birthday.

Nancy, a qualified and experienced travel agent, combines her extensive understanding of the needs of the dialysis community with her appreciation of the unique requirements of this group while travelling. When not sharing her love of travel with dialysis patients from around Australia and their families, Nancy dedicates her free time to connecting with family and friends.

Wayne Cooper


Wayne is DELA’s Longest Serving Board Member and works full time as the Voice Communication Manager at one of Adelaide’s major hospitals. He has a passion for the Richmond Football Club as well as lawn bowls, acting as President of his local club.

Like many of our DELA members Wayne is waiting for a kidney transplant. He knows intimately the challenges faced by dialysis patients and the significance of being able to offer support to renal patients while building their confidence in being able to get away from the hospital environment. Wayne is a regular group escort for DELA cruises and land trips.

Dr Margaret Turner

Memberships and newsletter contributor

Margaret Turner is the most recent member to join the Dialysis Escape Line Committee. She has been a supporter of the charity since meeting Nancy Douglas-Irving ten years ago.

In May 2015 Margaret spent ten days on a cruise with a group of dialysis travellers from across Australia and New Zealand. She gained an appreciation of the difficulties faced by renal patients and their carers, and developed an understanding of the incredible amount of planning that needed to go into such a holiday. Margaret realised how important it was to have getaways tailored in every way by people who knew the difficulties to be overcome for their clients.

Margaret joined the committee in 2015. She is responsible for finding articles for the quarterly newsletter sent to all members. Margaret also officially welcomes new and returning members.

Margaret works at a medical clinic in Adelaide and loves to travel. In her spare time, she is trying to learn French and she shares her home with her adopted Pomeranian, Pumpkin (alias La Citrouille).

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Thankyou for all your assistance in making this holiday a reality for us. Your kindness and caring is an inspiration to all of us


Thankyou for showing me that there is a life on dialysis and you can travel. My wife had a great learning experience talking to other partners and how they coped with partners on dialysis